FPV for everyone

Turn your VR Headset into a pair of high quality FPV goggles.

First Person View (FPV) puts you in the cockpit and lets you see exactly what your drone sees.
Thanks to the arrival of smartphone powered VR headsets such as the ZEISS VR ONE, experiencing FPV flight has never been easier, safer or more affordable.

Now for Parrot Bebop

with SkyController

Explore the skies with CloudlightFPV and Parrot Bebop.
Built using the official Parrot SDK, CloudlightFPV delivers a true FPV experience without breaking the bank.

A Complete FPV Solution

for iPhone 6 and ZEISS VR ONE

Side by side FPV View

Optimized Side by side display for use with virtual reality headsets such as the ZEISS VR ONE.

On Screen Display (OSD)

A full featured On Screen Display projects the most important telemetry data right on top of the video feed.


Head-tracking seamlessly controls the camera gimbal in up to two directions.

Headset Camera

The Video signal can be switched between the drone's camera and that of the iPhone at any time. (Coming Soon)

OSD & Telemetry

Equipped with a full featured On Screen Display you always know exactly what is going on.


See live updates of your remaining battery power.

Signal Strength

Display WIFI signal strength between the Bebop and the SkyController.


Shows pilot orientation in relation to that of the drone.

Speed & Distance

Vertical and horizontal speed as well as height and distance from home location.


Indicators display camera position for vertical and horizontal movement.


Warnings for low and critical battery level.

Head tracking

Head-tracking makes for an even more immersive experience.
Turn your head in any direction and the camera will follow.

Vertical (Pitch)

Tilt the camera up and down.

Horizontal (Yaw)

Tilt the camera left or right.


from the Apple AppStore

Buy a VR ONE

from ZEISS official Business partners

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CloudlightFPV requires a Parrot Bebop or Bebop 2 with SkyController.

Aside from a VR Headset, no additional hardware is required.

At the moment, CloudlightFPV requires a SkyController and cannot be used without.

CloudlightFPV is optimized for the ZEISS VR ONE but remains compatible with other headsets such as Google Cardboard or similar.

Want to use a particular headset? Tell us about it!

The ZEISS VR ONE is available from retailers such as Amazon or ZEISS business partners directly.

Choose a region

At the moment we're focused on improving the iOS App and have no specific plans for releasing an Android version though that may change in the future.

Want to see CloudlightFPV come to Android? Let us know!

The CloudlightFPV App can be purchased from the Apple App Store for $15 and is priced similarly in other regions.

VR Headsets are available from a number of places and are ranging from $10 to $150.

If you already own a Parrot Bebop then all you need is the CloudlightFPV App and a VR Headset - no additional purchases are required!